High Angle Frogs


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Thought to start a conversation on high angle frogs.
  From what I see LN and LV offer frogs for the steeper angles, and some older wooden and steel planes were made with the higher bed angles from the start. Do people actually see a difference between 45,50,55 degrees? Traditionally used on difficult woods or grain. Going from 45 to 50 much of a performance increase or should someone jump to the 55 degree frogs. would having all three be beneficial? Does one add a low angle, bevel up plane to the list? Let the shavings begin!
I have not seen a benefit from high angle frogs. Generally if the wood needs something like that (Figured, curly, etc.), I have had better luck with a scraper. To the point I sold my high angle plane years ago and have never missed it. If I have a lot of material to remove I use my toothing plane, followed by a scraper. On a few boards I have been known to use my drum sander.

I love my low angle for end grain. I use my low angle LV plane in my shooting board.

LV sells irons ground at different angles, and I have a couple, But the lowest angle (I forget what it is) lives in my low angle plane, and the others collect dust.