Headley and Hamilton (not the play) on Tall Clocks in Georgia

We are full on for Jeff and Steve coming to Georgia

The workshop will definitely be on Federal techniques.  The response has been outstanding.

We are excited about their presentation.

As always they will have lots of tips, plans, DVD and wisdom to share.

I just realized my wording on my previous post could be read incorrectly.  We are a "go" for the session, we are not full up on attendance.  Still plenty of room.

All sessions Sat, Sun, Mon begin at 9am.  The store opens at that time.  So arriving at 8:30 just means you sit in the parking lot.

We typically wrap up around 4:30 pm.


Look forward to all planning to attend.
We enjoyed our visit with the Peach State chapter of SAPFM. Sorry we had to leave early. Snow happens. Please let me know if anyone had any questions about our Tall case clock demonstration or Federal construction and embellisments.