Hardware suppliers?

  I was not familiar with Marshall, so thanks.  Is it expensive to ship from England?
I need to translate pounds to dollars - how do the UK prices compare?
I finished a spice chest for my wife this past summer. I ordered a sample of the hardware from ball & Ball and one from Horton. Both were of great quality. This was the first time I had ordered basically the same thing from 2 suppliers. I preferred the Ball & Ball parts because I think they are closer to the originals (a little rougher, sand cast and hand worked). My wife liked the Horton parts because they were crisp and perfect. Since it was for my wife I used the Horton.

Having used both on other projects I wouldn't hesitate to buy from either, it really comes down to what the customer wants, rough like the originals, or CNC perfection.

And having had to deal with customer service with both of them, they were both great to deal with.

When I make projects for me I prefer the hinges from Horton, they are nice thick machined brass, not stamped and folded.
I have used Londonderry, Ball & Ball and Horton .  All three are very good and I would use the again. 

Jim Vojcek