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I may need to have some custom hardware fabricated. I have a source to have them made but wanted some feedback.  I need to make small square cup style caster that has a taper on each side and has a slight curve forward.  My thought was to make the leg as per the final shape including the caster, cut away as if I was applying the caster, essentially creating the stump with a thin shoulder.  Apply some type of material? automotive bondo? epoxy? something that I can shape into the caster and then have it release from the stump.  Any ideas on the process?
Did a lot of this type of work in a pattern shop.
Make sure that your substrate is smooth, any indents will lock your pattern onto the substrate.
Apply a release agent. We only used the brush on type, it dried quickly and left a thin layer that cleaned up with water.
Bondo is a workable agent for making the pattern. We used Freeman brand, and found that by using more or less hardener, we could control working time. Overbuild the pattern, then shape as desired.
When finished, wet near the seams (or dunk in a pail of water - dunk, not soak) and pull off the pattern.
A bit of cleanup and you can take your pattern for casting.
Check with your caster as to whether or not you need to make a mold of your pattern to make wax patterns from (lost wax) or if he can use the pattern as is (sand cast)
Good luck, and let us know how it turns out.
Thanks Mike.  I contacted the caster thru email(England) over what to use and the response was  "If you want to send us a master and you don’t have one in brass then a material such as box wood, (which is close grained) or resin would be adequate for us to take a mould from." 

My thought was bondo or epoxy stick.  I think I will go the bondo route first.  The release agent- what is it called and where should I look to get it?  For what its worth, this is a Rhulmann style sabot- the side view has a flare forward and the front view has a taper, small etc.  I seem to remember seeing some where they are only three sided but some that are four sided.  Any thoughts on that?.  Any people in the states that could make these.  I only need a few as of now. 

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Don't know the names of the products we used. Most all liquids came in either 5 or 55 gallon containers, which we filled stock bottles from.
Check your yellow pages for pattern supply shops, there is still one here in SE Michigan.
Failing that, I would suggest a google search for "release agent"

I googled release agent.  I may try carnuba wax, or silicone, with an epoxy stick or bondo over it to then shape.  Its a tiny piece I need made so a little experimenting wont break the bank. 

Thanks again for the response.