Handworks 2017


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I just wanted to say thanks and how much I enjoyed hanging out at the SAPFM booth at Handworks last weekend.

It was great to see some familiar faces like Cartouche Award winner Ben Hobbs, Don Williams, Dale Ausherman, Mark Waugh, Mike Siemsen, Randy Bohn, Chuck Haas, Les Hastings, Kerry Jordan, and Dave Redlin.  And it was also great to meet some new faces, some of which I have only known via the internet, such as Bob Compton, Terry West, Ed Bouvier, John Gush, Dan Reahard, Mike Holden, Donna Hill, Christopher Schwarz, Brandon Bailes, Tom Colligan, and I'm sure many more.  Special thanks to Bob Compton for setting things up!

It was a great weekend overall, getting to spend time with my Dad was awesome, and meeting you all was my pleasure.

To everyone else, the next time Handworks is held, please consider going to Amana.  It was a great time!

Calvin Hobbs
Overland Park, KS


I too had a fantastic time chatting at the booth and meeting members from the other chapters.
I second the motion....Head to Handworks if you have a chance.  It was an incredible time with incredible people.
It would be nice to have an SAPFM meetup at the next one.