Good Book on Moldings


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I was at MESDA last week and saw a great book.  I am not to creative, so I always looking for ideas for moldings.  The book "Furniture Mouldings: Full Size Sections of Moulded Details on English Furniture from 1574 to 1820" has a thumbnail sketch of a piece of furniture and then the full size moldings on it.  Orginally printed in 1927.


The book you saw at MESDA is readily available in paperback.  Try for about $13:

Furniture Mouldings
Full Size Sections of Moulded Details on English Furniture from 1574 to 1820
by E. J. Warne

ISBN # 0-941936-33-3

Kent Ryan

If you are looking for sources of mouldings aside from the obvious standards (Chippendale's <i>Director</i>, Benjamin's <i>Companion</i>, etc.) I recommend two other sources. Their focus is primarily architectural but the mouldings they contain can be adapted for furniture fairly easily.
1. The volumes in <i>The Architectural Treasures of Early America</i> contain a wealth of information, much of it gleaned from the Historic American Building Survey done in the late 1920's.
2. <i>Federal Style Patterns: 1780-1820</i> by Mudrick and Smith contains measured drawings of mouldings from period homes, mostly New England. The book comes with a CD-ROM of all the mouldings so you can easily scale them to suit your needs.

Mark's reference to architectural moldings reminded me that there is another very comprehensive book on moldings - though they would most need to be scaled to be used in furniture:

The Complete Book of Wood Mouldings
By: Nalla Wollen (She is in the moulding business)
ISBN: 1892836254
ISBN-13: 9781892836250
Format: Paperback, 304pp
Publisher: Cambium Press

From the Publisher:
An invaluable resource for creating graceful interiors, this complete handbook liberates woodworkers, builders, architects, and homeowners from the limited selection of mouldings available at home centers by providing detailed information to help choose, purchase, install, and manufacture wood mouldings. Detailed instructions on the processes used to make crown, picture rail, window casing, panel, and baseboard and base shoe mouldings, and full explanations on how to cover the gap where two surfaces meet while creating beautiful interplays of light and shadow are included. In addition, profile drawings, with accurate, full-size cross-sections of each moulding—many with three-dimensional renderings—show woodworkers how the mouldings will appear when installed.