Golden opportunity

Hi All,

As The Wooden Artifact Chairman of AIC, I was able to obtain 146 copies of Gilded Wood: Conservation and History by Deborah Bigelow, 1991. The book lists for $89.00, but for a limited time, I am offering the book for sale on the AIC website for 50.00 plus shipping.

It is a great book and you will never get a better price on it. Makes for a great holiday gift for the woodhead that has everything.

Best wishes,
Randy Wilkinson

I would like the book Furniture in France. can I get that from you ?
Rich Dininny.............I already have the gilding book

You can also purchase the Furninture in France books from the AIC website I posted. By the way, there is a DVD  coming out as a result of the French American Partnership. One of the DVD's is on traditional french chair making and the other is on Gilding. An absolute must for anyone in our group. I will let everyone know when it is available.


I am unable to locate the domestic shipping charges for the Gilded Wood or Furniture in France books on the form I pulled up from the link you posted.  Can you provide some assistance please. 

Ooooops!  Sorry about that, reading further - top of page #1 "Costs include shipping within US....."