Glen Huey's Boston Block-Front Chest


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I began Glen Huey's Massachusetts Block Front today.

I have viewed Bruce Leonard's chest which is just beautiful.  Can anyone help clarify the following:

I printed the patterns and expanded them to 1/16th per square.  I then attached the two templates to give me the 34 ?? drawer fronts indicated on the plan. I would like confirmation that:

1)  the convex is 10? wide with a 1 3/8? flat surface on either side of the convex (the plans show 1 3/8?, but the handwritten measurement on the plywood template says 1 ??)

2)  this determined the concave 8 7/8? wide.  This seems much narrower than the photo indicates.

Also, the drawer dividers are 35 5/16?.  I suspect the sliding dovetails of 3/8? on either end (embedded into each carcass side) leaves a drawer opening of 34 9/16? (too large for the drawer fronts of 34 ??).  So I am slightly hesitant to begin without clarification because this is the heart and soul of this beautiful chest.

I figure the rest will come together nicely after I get this done, but I want to begin with correct measurements.

Thank you for your input.

Rolly Rhodes

7609 Lovetta Drive

Bakersfield, CA 93308

It would probably be best to not post other people's e-mails and such on a public forum. Better to send a personal e-mail to the original poster.
Mr. Huey has a website, "woodworker'", and he shares his email address with the world on that web site. He is also an editor of Popular Woodworking magazine and can be reached at their web site. His email address is public record.

David Turner
Plymouth, MI.