getting a LN jointer plane


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Question to group...lie Nielsen Jointer (or other makers) planes...#7 or #8?
High angle (50, 55) or standard (45)?
The steeper angled frogs would be harder to push and I don't see the need for them on a jointer. My 45 degree frog seems to work just fine. Get it sharp, set the chip breaker close to the edge of the iron in more difficult woods.
I have a 7 and an 8, rarely use the 8, I occasionally use the 7 but do almost everything with an old Stanley 6.
I go for the longer plane (#8) on edge joints of any length over 36 inches. It is a matter of choice. the bigger plane handles nicely for me. I have the other options as well but If i had to pick only one it would be the #8
I've been using an old #7 for years. 1940's vintage. Its always worked fine. Main thing is to keep it sharp and develop the skill to use it. You can't buy a better game.
Would there be a time that, if one had a #7 they needed or wished for a #8? In my case I have a 4 1/2 so the blade is the same as the #7 not that one goes around changing blades all the time, but would be convenient not to stop and sharpen...just change and keep  planing.
I'm not a big fan of bevel up (not down as I erroneously put earlier)planes beyond my block plane. Very hard to put any camber on if you want it.
With a bevel up plane you loose the advantage of the chip breaker, if you work a lot of end grain, like cutting boards, the bevel up could be an advantage. The chip breaker makes the high angle blades unnecessary.