Gerstner Toolbox

Tom M

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I just brought home my late father's Gerstner toolbox.  He was given it in 1960 by my mother's grandmother after her husband died (before I was born), so that would have made it my Great Granfather's.  Several B&S and Starrett tools in the box have HIS father's name etched on them (my Great-Great Grandfather!), so I suppose it could have been one generation older.

I gently washed the black "leatherette", and have been using Never Dull on the nickle plated hardware.  I will probably go over the leatherette with black shoe polish once all the hardware is cleaned.

Some of the green felt is pretty bad.  At the Gerstner web site they mentioned using hide glue on the felt.

Now for my question (and this also applies to the baise I have for the card table I'm making): How would you go about using the hide glue on the felt?

On the tool box, the "substate" is galvanized steel (I think).  The card table is mahogany.