Gateway Chapter Meeting in KC October 18-19


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Yes I know it has been a while….but I’m excited to send this invitation to our Gateway Chapter SAPFM meeting this Fall!

The meeting will be in Kansas City, at the KC Woodworker’s Guild Shop (many of you might remember having it there a couple of years ago), on October 18-19.

We have an awesome featured presenter:  Freddy Roman, from Massachusetts.  Freddy has been extremely active in his career, and will present to us Federal furniture with all of its aspects, including design, inlays, bandings, paterae, hammer veneering, etc.  Freddy has done this in Atlanta for the Georgia SAPFM Chapter and it was very well received, so we will benefit greatly from his knowledge and skill.  If you want to hear more about Freddy, here are links to his website and an article featuring him in Popular Woodworking.

In addition, Freddy will be offering a hands-on workshop at the Guild, first come first serve, where he will teach students veneering, inlays, bandings, etc. while building a federal serving tray.  You won’t want to miss that.  Look for a flyer from me or the KCWWG coming soon!  This will be held on October 16 and 17.  This will be a great class!

So, please let me know I will see you there and bring your friends and pass the word!  There will be a small fee to be determined to help cover Freddy’s time and travel, so of course the more that come the less the cost will be for everyone.

Would love to hear from you, if you have any question at all please let me know.

You can contact me at 816-985-7432 or [email protected] .

Calvin Hobbs
SAPFM Gateway Chapter