FS: Toolemera New Title: A Manual Of Wood Carving by Charles G. Leland 1891


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Yet another new title to add to the mix. Charles Godfrey Leland's book on Wood Carving from 1891. Leland hung out with the likes of William Morris and others of the Arts & Craft crowd, which is to say you'll find a lot of naturalistic, Celtic and Anglo-Saxon designs in this book. He discusses the use of the sweep cut in detail, takes the student from the entry level steps of creating a background through to working in high relief carving.

Full retail is $20.00 but, as usual, it's 30% off at my shop: $14.00 plus shipping and handling. Australia, Great Britain and the EU get reasonable local shipping rates.

Trade paperback, 7x10, 200 pgs, 129 B&W illustrations and an introduction by yours truly describing just how odd the late 19th century Arts & Crafts followers could be.

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A Manual Of Wood Carving by Charles Godfrey Leland, Revised by John J. Holtzapffel, 1891