French Polish Linen Source

I buy old table cloths at antique stores when I can find them. Mohawk sells washed cotton that I have used and is OK.
Linen handkerchiefs are made from very fine linen. If you have a mother/mother-in-law like mine, you'll have a drawer full of unused hankies. Multiple laundering improves them.
I would think a decent fabric store would have it. Joanne fabics shows it in their inventory. Call ahead. I would think you could find linen clothing in the second hand stores as well, look in the women's section.
I've not been able to find anything at fabrics stores, but I might not be using terminology which they are used to. I used to purchase good linen from, but have not found a suitable source since. Basically looking for durable linen with mild abrasive qualities that doesn't shed into the finish. Sure hope there's a supply out there outside of old tablecloths and handkerchiefs.

Millcreek, do you have a URL for the Mowhawk cotton product? I'm not seeing it with a simple google search, but again my keywords may not be correct for the fabric industry.

Here is a link to the Mohawk product, as I said it's not linen but it's OK not great.
Hi Joel
  I don't use linen anymore but this is where I got it.

I had too much trouble finding it on the road so I switched to food grade cheese cloth. You can get it at most hardware stores. Its a little different to use but works well. Give me a call , I found some book titles you can track down, help with finish.
Here is a link about a source of Irish linen.