Fredericksburg Home/Museum Tours


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Planning an extended trip to the mid year conference. I'm looking for homes/museums/furniture to see in or close to Fredericksburg. I'm not finding a lot of information online. Does anyone have any suggestions. Thanks

You've been waiting for awhile for a response - I'm sorry I didn't see this earlier. As someone who lives in the area and has experience driving between DC and Richmond, I have two suggestions for you:
1. Gunston Hall is not on the midyear itinerary, yet should not be missed. I find it more appealing than even Mt Vernon. You can easily reach Gunston Hall without embracing too much traffic.
2. You will be awfully close to Richmond (and Petersburg is just a little farther). Traffic between there and Fredericksburg isn't typically too bad. Rather than list all the sites of interest there, I'll point you toward the itinerary for the Decorative Arts Trust's fall symposium in Richmond:

My eldest daughter lives in Richmond, and I've saved that DAT itinerary for outings during our future visits. They've really done an outstanding job of identifying some must-see sites in Richmond.

Mark Maleski