Finishing one day Workshop


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Sponsored by North Carolina and will be held in North Raleigh. February and March sessions are now full but there is the possibility of an April session if enough interest. Cost is a donation of $30 and will be held on a Saturday. See below for details. Advise of your interest so a list can be started for an April session

This will be a fairly intensive workshop.
In the morning we will cover shellac; types, uses and application including a demo and practice exercise on French polishing.

The afternoon session will cover spray finishing using shellac, pre-cat lacquer and water-borne finish. All students will have opportunity to adjust and practice spraying with multiple guns and compressor systems - including HVLP and LVLP. Guns used will be Devilbus Finishline, 3M Accuspray, Sprayit LVLP and Harbor Fright

All students should bring a couple pieces of decent wood (approx. 8 x 12) and a spray mask.

Lunch will be provided