figured mahogany

I'm building the Townsend tall case clock and am looking for a nice figured mahogany piece for the door which is about 7"x30". Saw one piece of crotch on the web for $500 but just can't justify that much. Currently using Honduran with fairly good color but not too dark. Standard 3/4" will do. If you might have a piece you can let go please let me know.
I see that Rare Woods USA list crotch mahoany for 23.00 BF
I have never used them but would be worth th etime to email them about sizes, shipping etc.
you could also call Hearne hardwood, but they have a min. to ship.
I'm sure there are others
I have some quilted mahogany that I could let go of.  It's probably not what you're after, but if you're interested, let me know and I'll send you some pictures.  I'd have to dig it out.
Thanks for the offer. I'm checking with Rory at rarewoods to see if he has any crotch available and hopefully will hear from him tomorrow. Will get back with you ASAP. Nice piece of crotch for about $24 bf. Rory is from South Africa and is currently working out of Maine. Enjoyed dialogue with him.