federal or tall case clock

I am a brand new member to SAPFM.  I was wondering if there was a way to find a picture of the
federal clock built by Andrew Rappaport.  I have been beating my brains out for a long time trying
to find plans and also the proper works. Mike from Greenlake has been helpful recently. This project
may be over my head but I want to try anyway. If anyone has plans for federal or tall case clocks
such as an Eli Terry style i would be grateful. I would try and download Andrew's plan but with
my dial up it would probably error out before getting done. Thanks,  Bob in Ohio
First off, welcome to SAPFM.
I downloaded the plans you are asking about and it is a 14MB file so it may take awhile through a dial-up connection.  I see you've posted an email address, I could email the pdf file to you.

If you're interested in Federal Period stuff, have you seen Rob Millard's site?
Rob hangs out here, but he is currently building a Seymour breakfront so he may be a little busy.  Check out his blog.
If you click on my profile you can send me an email. If you email me your address with a list of items you are looking for I will burn a CD of anything I may have, as well as the drawing, and mail it to you.
Thanks Chuckh.  I sent an email to Mr. Millard but have not heard back from him. I would love to see your
pic of the clock. Go ahead and email me.  Thanks
Hi Bob,

I'm always happy to discuss my clock or the measured drawing.  Please ask any questions you want.

I've been meaning to take a decent photo of the clock for a couple of years, but I never seem get around to it and now it needs dusting (again).  I'll try to get something to post on the SAPFM site soon, but in the mean time just e-mail me and I'll send a photo or two.

Please note that the large PDF file isn't a plan, but rather a measured drawing which can be printed full scale and some notes.  There are a few sections and details which help pull the construction together.  Also, there are a few items I changed during construction and a few things I would probably do differently next time.  Hindsight is always 20/20 you know.

Best of luck to you,
Andrew, thanks for the help. I don't see an email listed for you. I have a public email listed. Could you
possibly send a pic to me. Also, does your clock fit the works and dial face that Mike at Green Lake Clock
sells?  BOB

You can send Andrew an email by clicking on his username when you are logged in. His email address is in his profile.
Mark thanks for the tip. Great website and great work by the way. I am quickly getting the feeling i
am surrounded by "real" woodworkers. 
Hi Bob,

I e-mailed a photo of my clock to you and copied Mark for the SAPFM website.  Please let me know if you have any questions about construction, design, etc. or would like some detail photos.

Best regards,