extra large Honduras mahogany


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After 40 + years in the woodworking business I found myself moving to another shop. I now realize what a wood whore I had become and am entertaining the idea of lightening the load. Specifically the individual helping with the move is practically begging me to sell him 3 very large Honduras mahogany boards. I would like to get a consensus opinion of some of the membership as to the value. The sizes are all 6/4, all 17 feet long and the following widths: 19"' 25" & 29" They were originally ordered in the mid 60s. Since Honduras mahogany is no longer commercially available and the extraordinary sizes I'm sure a premium price is in order. what would seem to be an appropriate BF price?
A second question would be does anyone have any idea of a project that would maximize the usage of said boards?
Thanks in advance for the input!

Keep it.

Keep it.

Keep it.

It is money in the bank. In the future it would be worth even more.  Find someone to move it for you if no one wants to help.

Freddy, I would if I had a specific job in mind, hence the second question. It would be a shame to cut it up for smaller projects. There must be a single piece waiting inside those boards that would become the inspiration to start cutting. As to getting help moving them,I did and my end was still backbreaking at 65 years young!
I as well have one at 29" wide by 14 foot and few slightly smaller.  I keep thinking of a nice three/four pedestal table, maybe a sideboard top.  Yet I have made a few two and three pedestal tables  plus sideboards since I acquired the boards and still don't use them!  Hoarding I guess.  If you can part with them with no regrets maybe its time.  I would not let them go for nothing though. 

Pete Aleksa
Freddy, Honduras mahogany of this size is commercially unavailable and has been for some time. What is being sold today is either South American or African which is much tougher to work with. I also have some Cuban mahogany (Hurricane Andrew) and am so anal about such things that I now have a Cuban mahogany tree growing in my yard in Florida that I planted from a seed 5 years ago!
If I decide to keep the lumber the goal would be to build a great period reproduction from a single board. I have a pretty good stock of additional HM to keep me busy for years and at my age those years are getting shorter! that was why I was thinking of selling some and was inquiring as to a board foot price>
I guess I am a different breed. Its just wood and I can find many projects I would do with the slab.  I am sure its beautiful and worth having on hand for the perfect job. But with more than one on hand I would keep one or two  and use the rest. I know of a supplier still selling Honduras Mahogany in Tenn.  Its amazing stuff and quite large. Yet I am sure the older stuff is better.