Executive Council Elections

Mark Arnold

Well-known member
Nominations are now being accepted for the upcoming election of members to the Executive Council. The Executive Council (EC) is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the organization. It  meets on the Saturday prior to the Williamsburg conference, and conducts at least four conference calls on Sunday evenings throughout the year.  Much of the focus of the EC over the past year has been to increase our outreach activities to increase awareness of SAPFM, and explore more avenues of grants and funding to increase educational efforts concerning American period furniture. The EC is critical to the long term success of SAPFM.

According to the by-laws of SAPFM, elections to the Executive Council by the membership are to be conducted by mail, with the election ballots to be mailed by November 15, and returned by December 15. Nominee bios will be included in the fall newsletter along with the ballots. EC members serve a three-year term and may be re-elected. There may be more candidates on the ballots than open positions on the EC. 

There are 3 seats up for election this year. If you would like to serve on the Executive Council, or know of someone who would like to serve, please send Mark Arnold ([email protected]) a brief bio and a vision statement for the organization by November 1.
Everyone should now have received the newsletter with their ballot.  We have four strong candidates for the three open seats on the Executive Council. SAPFM has lots on the table in the coming year and the EC is where much of the work gets done.  As president elect I have a strong vested interest in the election but more important, the election is a strong indication of your involvement and commitment to SAPFM.  For years only the relatively few members who attended the business meeting in Williamsburg had a chance to vote.  We successfully modified the constitution to give everyone a voice starting last year.  Participation was far greater than under the old system, but still well below 50% of the membership.  I hope you will take the few minutes it takes to read the candidate statements and send in the ballot.  It will get us off to a good start for 2011.
Ballots for the 2011 election of Executive Council members were mailed with the fall newsletters.  Please take a second to complete your ballot and drop it in the mail. Ballots need to be post-marked by December 15.
Well, i got the ballot but didn't vote because i dont build furniture and didnt think it appropriate to do so.