Events for Local Chapters


Active member
Hello out there.This is Tim down here in The Peach State Chapter giving a shout out to all you members who would like to make suggestions for us.Our dilemma is this.We have great member gatherings.We have lots of talented folks more than willing to impart knowledge to the rest of us.What I am looking for is what to do with opportunities to put on an exhibit at some shows.We have reluctance to bring our personal work in as it gets problematic with moving and being old, with unintended accidents to members work to just not having time to do it.It has been suggested that we should as a group  produce some pieces that would be built specifically for this (small) also some permanent exhibits of ball and claw progression as well as dovetail progression.A slide show possibly of members work has been suggested.Naturally we already do presentations of different skills.Anyway I would welcome any suggestions you might have!  Thanks and have a great one.

I would suggest that you contact some local museums or historical societies that have exhibit space or large meeting rooms that could accommodate a small exhibtion.  Even local librarys sometimes have public meeting spaces available that can be reserved at little or no cost. These types of venues would offer the needed security and environmental conditions to help protect any potential damage or theft. Even a local Woodcraft store might be able to help you.

If you intend to participate in any trade shows where there is a large influx of people over a weekend, you will need to have a group of volunteers who are willing to man the booth or space at all times. Not only for protection but to be available to answer questions. Doing some kind of hans-on demo always helps to attrack a crowd and rein in potential new SAPFM members.

With this said, nothing is possible if you do not have a suffient number of volunteers willing to help make it happen. My tack has been to approach people and ask them outright if they will help. I find that it works most of the time. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

Mickey Callahan
Hi Mickey,  Thanks for the suggestions.We do meet at woodcraft so that's done.We did have a problem with volunteers.I'll try the direct approach as you suggested.We are going to do some sort of interactive slide thingy.And we are going to make some permanent collection stuff to  show.I was thinking that whatever we make be it a table or chair or box even that we would make it the local chapter cartouche award and whoever wins gets to keep it for a year and bring it to the shows.We are still looking for that one thing that will put us over the top.So anyone out there who has more ideas time to pipe in.
Demonstrating is always a good time. I recommend the KISS method, keep it simple. The bigger the event the bigger a production you may want to put on. Having a piece of furniture in the booth is nice but static displays don't draw people in, a bench is more important than a piece of furniture. Dovetailing is always popular as is planing boards flat. I try to bring something I am working on at the time so I can try and get something done while people are passing by. We just made a Roubo book-stand at the last demo. I have made tool totes, and small boxes for storing things in. Visitors like to see you doing something. It is always a good idea to get some brochures from Mark Arnold and have a copy of the APF journal on hand. Two guys setting there with some furniture and some brochures will not bring people in as well as one guy working and one guy working the crowd, describing what you are doing and talking about the organization. Bring water and a lunch. I built this small blanket chest at the Woodworkers Shows in a couple of days from pine. 20 x 16 x 24 approximately. I also made some candle boxes. You don't really want to bring something to work on that you care greatly about, you also don't want your project to require hauling too many tools.
Thanks for the suggestions Mike.We do do the demos and we do have a hawker so that's good.I like the little chest.That's a damn good idea.