Electric Glue Pot supplier has gone out of business


Looking for a source of Supply. I tried Woodcraft,Tools for working wood, Highland Hardware,The Best things,  StewMack.
My old unit has a bad Thermostat.
I rewired  it to bypass the Thermostat but that is not a long term solution!
That's why I use a cast iron double boiler type glue pot on a hot plate.  When the hot plate fails, easy and cheap to replace.
For many years I also used a double boiler with a hot plate from my local ACE Hardware for $25.
Dennis Bork
Does anyone know if the plug of a Hold Heet 220v European glue pot can be cut off and rewired with a USA 220V plug either a 20 or 30 amp plug? isn't 220 the same between USA and Europe? I can't believe a small company like Hold Heet would have made completely different winding and electrics ...  .
The Europeans 220V is 50 Hz ours is 60 Hz but for heating elements it does not matter.  If it were an electronic device it would matter.

You should be good, just be careful and do not confuse the return leg with the power leg.

Thanks Ken, so....in a European plug/outlet...there are two center posts/prongs....and two outside tabs........I'm assuming the two center prongs would be the two "110" wires and the outside 'tabs' are the ground. I wonder if anybody has done this "conversion" since the company is out of business, no one seems to have any 110v pots in stock and it seems only 220v glue pots are still hanging around....
Klingspor"s woodworking shop has them listed in their latest catalog  800-228-0000. I bought a Hold-Heat electric glue pot for $145.00.
I would expect they have a limited supply so If you want one act now.
I looked on their website and there is no Glue pot listed. I called Klingspor and, although I did not have an item#, the salesperson took time to find information and repeated what we already  know, that the company is out of business. They do not have any in stock. and could not order any. I did purchase a Hold Heet Glue pot from Metropolitan Music in VT. They have an International plugged 230v pot and also have some liners. I purchased a grounded International to US plug ( about $9) adapter online and seems to work fine. I'll put it on the shelf and use my present pot until it finally goes bad....... 
I found one at the local Woodcraft - picking it up tomorrow.  My current one is a few decades old but still working.  Just hedging my bets a little.

It is too bad these are not available any longer. I used the hot plate method before buying my Hold Heat, which I find much more convenient as I don’t have to keep adjusting the dial to hold at the right temp. I hope mine lasts forever (or at least the next 35 years, after which I doubt I will care).