Easing the edge


What is the preferred method to ease the edges of a project?  For years I've done this with a block plane and some sandpaper in the corners.  Is there a better way?  Right now I'm working on a Federal Card Table and I'm debating how far to go with easing the edges of the wood.   Federal work really wants to have crisp edges but I also know that I need to knock them down just a little before I finish them.  Advice is appreciated.

And then the other question - how did the old guys do this?

Thank you!
Paul Sanow
Paul, The first quetion is where do you want to ease the edge. Could you mean easing the edge to get this piece past your spouse into your house. Or maybe easing the edge to get it to fit somewhere it won't want to sit. With both all is needed is a little attention to be pleaded to the edges and ledges and corners. Rub the edges gently. This can be with diamonds on the first note or other abasives on the second note. I might recommend 120 paper today or glass paper for days gone by. Shark skin or reeds will also work if needed period.The tool you use to bevel your cabinet scraper can also be used although it won't get in the corners.