Ronnie Young

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What happened to the two E-Interviews that were on the older version of the SAPFM website?  One by Jeff Headley on a Winchester, Virginia Serpentine Front Chest of Drawers and the other by John Davis on a Bombe Chest. I thought these were great sources of information and I have used both to build these two projects. When asked by others "how did you build that" I always referred them to the E-Interviews. Are they gone forever?
Ronnie:  I do not know where they were located prior, but I still seem them via the link No. 10 under members-only menu on left side.  Also the links work for me. - Dale
the links are there, but there is no content when I try to access them, I just get a blank page with the SAPFM header and sideboard.
Strange, as every link works for me, taking me to a detailed outline, then to photos and text for each subject.  Perhaps try on an alternative "platform" to see if that has an effect. Meanwhile, send Laurin Davis an email indicating the issues you are experiencing.
Thanks for the information, for some reason now it works! Until today I only got a blank page when clicking on the link. Great information we should add some new E-interviews in the future.
Hi, I wrote those years back. There was one that is gone that was for a clock by Rob Millard. It was the very first one. My real name is Scott Calkins.