Dovetail saw


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Does anyone have any experience with the Gramercy (Tools for Working Wood) dovetail saw? I'm considering purchasing a small, light dovetail saw and would like user feedback.

Howard Steier
I have sereral, a lie nielsen , an old Jackson and the gramercy. I always pick up the granercy. it's much lighter that the others but feels better in my hand....everyones different. I belive they do take returns, so give Joel a call and speak to him.
If a light saw is what you are looking for I think you will be pleased with the gramercy saw.
I have both the LN and the Gramercy and I too prefer the Gramercy.
Note however, that the Gramercy handle is quite different, the force is from the web between the thumb and forefinger whereas the LN the force is from the palm. This difference seems to give me more control of the cut.

This is a personal consideration and your feeling may vary. Do you have any friends nearby with a Gramercy that you can try?
Joel just posted a blog at "Tools For Working Wood", regarding the production of his dovetail saw handle.
I have the LN thin plate and the Gramercy saw.  I think that the LN excels in general purpose work, but for fine dovetails in thin material call for the Gramercy. Surely you have room in your shop for both!