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I understand that Dover inlay has gone out of business. Any consensus as to where else inlay comparable to this is for sale?
For banding material,  They have some others marquetry and will do custom work.  Banding is priced very good.

Acute Marquetry and Design has a limited selection of banding and marquetry medallions at very reasonable prices. They list custom jobs as welcomed. The bandings I've purchased are very nice. I've purchased several on eBay at slightly lower prices than the web site lists. They have leg drops that are not listed on the web, ask for a mailed catalog.

Tony Joyce
Dover Inlay has opened again as Dover Design, LLC, owned by a previous employee of Dover Inlay.
They still sell holly inlay. 301-733-0909

Another source of holly inlay is Lines Unlimited in North Carolina 336-996-6603  I spoke with Kyle

Another good inlay source is Inlay Product World, Inc. They do not sell holly inlay, but recommend using white sycamore instead, which they do sell. They tell me that their products come from Spain. 877-464-6529
I ordered some black stringing from, I may have ordered the wrong thing but I expected it to be square in section and it was 1/16 by less than 1/32 which I did not like. I haven't contacted them yet about it. 20 pieces at .88 plus $10 shipping makes for $32 bucks, too expensive. Besides those sources already mentioned are there any other outlets?

Check out Armstrong Inlay in Canada. I've used their products a few times and found them to be very good quality.

I , too, ordered an inlay for a studet from  Their prices are reasonable, but the shipping ($10.50) hurts!  They were nice enough to throw in some samples of their bandings.  I wasn't impressed with the quality of them though- most that had vertical grain in their pattern seemed to be very "washboard like" which would take quite a bit of scraping to level out.  Maybe these were reject pieces and just used as samples- I don't know, but certainly not as nice as what I've gotten from dover inlay.
Well I can make just about any period banding that you may be looking for.  Now I only use the best materials and manufacture to the highest quality possible.  We can work out a price before hand and once payment is recieved I will go forth and make the product.  If you are looking for odd ball banding then several strips must be purchased to justify the making of a wide log/brick.  If interested contact me Freddy Roman @ [email protected]

Also Steve Latta has a great basic banding video being offered at

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