Demilune table question, with a drawer?

Daughter needs a "wall table" to go between two doors.  I thought the half moon top would be ideal for this location, offering a less obstructed passage in the door areas.  I would like to add  a small drawer which immediately leads to framing the table with a drawer questions. 

1.  Is it practical to engineer a drawer into this style of table or am I pursuing a flawed goal?

2. At what angle should the front legs be located in relation to the back and should their faces be parallel to the back or tangent to the curved side rail? 

2.  would one frame the drawer opening between the legs like in a rectangular table- dovetail in the top blade and M&T in the bottom one ? 

3.  Any advice on laying up the brickwork for the curved parts to wind up with tenons to insert into the legs?  I am thinking about trying to arrange the top and bottom layer of "bricks to get optimum grain orientation for the tenons. 

4, When laying up bricks are they glued and nailed?  I can' t imagine trying to clamp all the parts. 

5. Anything else I need to know in moving from familiar construction at right angles to curved construction.