Del-Val and Chesapeake Chapters - Hearne Hardwoods Open House

We have informed Angela at Hearne Hardwoods that the Del-Val and Chesapeake SAPFM Chapters will be participating in their Open House again this fall, as we have done for several years. She and the rest of the Hearne staff are pleased, and are welcoming our joining them.

If you want to join us, please post the dates on your calendar, Friday, Oct 4 and Saturday, Oct 5.

We need experienced furniture makers who can engage other woodworkers in conversation and describe what SAPFM is, how it can help them, and how they can help SAPFM. We will have props to help you out.

We need you to bring projects (preferably small furniture and accessories) that you have built or that you are working on, that will stimulate the furniture building desires of other attendees. The public will be interested in what inspired you to build the pieces, where you got your designs and how you built and finished them.

We need craftsmen and women who can demonstrate the construction and decorating skills and tools involved in the creation of period furniture. If you can describe verbally what you are doing and why you are doing it, that is even better, but far from necessary. If you can point out that the skills you have acquired are also applicable to forms and stiles of woodworking beyond the particular period that is your main interest, all the better.

We need people who can talk about woodworking tools, and they don’t have to be hand tools. However, if you want to demonstrate techniques using a slider or combo jointer/planer, you’ll need to negotiate that with the Felder crew who will be right next to us. If you can contrast and compare doing specific woodworking tasks using either power tools or hand tools, you will be able to engage a wider audience. We don’t want to give the impression that there is only one valid method to create a given detail or form.

We would also appreciate a little help handing out brochures, collecting contact information, setting up our booth, benches and other exhibits, and taking them down again at the end of the event.

The Open House is not all about promoting SAPFM. You can enjoy watching the Hearne bandsaw, talking with and learning from the other exhibiters, listening to the live music, sampling the food, and also drooling over shopping for that special wood for your next project. We should be able to help you find it and load it into my your truck.

More information will be shared as the date approaches this fall. Let me know if you think you can participate, and how you might contribute to our effort. We understand most people aren't able to commit the full 2 days to the event, and we would be just as pleased to have our volunteers come for a single day or even half a day.

William Duffield
[email protected]