Dave Lunin, guest speaker in York, PA

Mark Bortner

Well-known member
Hello all,
  I just wanted to let everyone know Dave Lunin who was our speaker on turning at the summer conference last year will be the speaker for the Susquehanna Trail Woodworkers Guild this thursday 1/27/2011 at 7:00pm. We meet at the Historical Society's Industrial Museum at 217 West Princess st in York. Dave will be discussing how he makes working drawings from a photo. I'm sure we've all seen a piece in a book we would love to make but... no dimensions!

  While this is not an official SAPFM event visitors are always welcome and I'm trying to inspire this guilds members and show them the sky is the limit if they rub elbows with the right people! It's a very laid back group just working wood for the love of it. Some are just getting started while others have been working wood longer than I've been on this earth! We do have a show and tell so bring something along if you can. Our website is stwg.org

  I've always wished my local SAPFM members could get together a bit more often so I'm hoping this will lead to more gatherings in the future. Maybe I can even con a few of you into being speakers for us throughout the year.