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Hello all. My name is Dan Phillips. I am a local furniture maker and proud member of the society of period furniture makers. I have been talking with Norman Landry recently about the Texas sapfm membership and he has brought to my attention that there are several members located in Dallas. I have traveled to Houston a couple times for sapfm, which I enjoy thoroughly, but it would be great to get together our own group here in town.

I would love to hear any ideas you guys have on the subject of starting a chapter here in Dallas. If you are anything like me, free time does not come easy. So organizing events, lectures, museum visits, and demos is a responsibility I'm not sure I could undertake. I propose a casual schedule of shop visits, project pow wows, and show and tells - at least for the time being. Also the sharing of resources and any knowledge or experience would be wonderful.

Furniture making is a passion of mine, as I'm sure it is yours too. It would be nice to gather a few times a year with like-minded fellows to talk each others ears off.

Please get back to me with any thoughts…………


Dan Phillips

[email protected]