Customer care of repro. pieces.

Ty G

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When you build a piece, what is your "maintenance" advice to the buyer?  In other words, what and how do you tell them to care for it?  And, is there anything you tell them to avoid? 
I would use the opportunity to disclose to them very specifically what finish was used on the piece along with detailed instructions how to care for that particular finish, what sorts of things might damage the finish,and recommended cleaning products.

I would also caution particularly that the piece not be placed in harsh direct sunlight,  near heating sources, or in extremely moist environments.

You can probably not underestimate how much typical consumers know or think about these matters.

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  To add to Karl's post,  Use a paste wax,  stay away from stuff in aerosols, most contain silicone's. If you have to do any touch-ups in the future, you will understand what I'm talking about.  Also remember that bees wax will never shine, good for things like folk art.  Wax repels dust, aerosols  attract it.  Wax once or twice a year, dust with soft cloth.  Dark wax for dark woods, clear for blond or light colors.