Curved Table Skirt Tenons?


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I'm building a round table.  Got the legs turned and mortised.  Got the skirt sections bricked and ready for veneer and tenons.  I have some ideas on forming the tenons, but I thought I'd ask for any tips or tricks you might have.  My best idea is a jig to at least get them close on teh TS with a dado blade.  Then fit them in by hand.  The ends are cut to 90?, so I can use them as a reference.  I did that with a jig on the TS and he blade at 45?.  Thanks for the help.

Tony - Memphis
Tony, Cutting tenons on a table saw on a brick laid round skirt requires a support of the side not sawn if using a 90 degree table saw fence. Supporting the unsawn side can be by your choice. Clamps or a support block should be used. I have found that if cutting the sides of the tenons with a table saw blade  (not a dado) and then cutting and fitting the shoulder by hand works better for me. This joint can be more confusing than it actually is. Your original skirt layout is very important. I will lay out (scribe line) the circle over my brick laid outer surface. Then layout and cut your tenons then cut your brick laid outer surface to fit afterwards.
Thanks.  I was playing around with the skirts and started a jig this weekend.  I haven't applied the veneer yet.  I experimented a little laying out the joints (made a little marking jig to mark the 5/8" teno/shoulder parallel to the end).  I'll probably use the ts to hog off most of the waste then finish it up by hand.  Not much different than a flat skirt tenon really. 

I appreciate the help!  I'll be back with more requests!  For such a small table, it is a surprisingly complicated project.