Jeff L Headley

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I would like to send out my congratulations and best wishes to Steven Lash for being chosen for the Cartouche award. I was highly impressed over what I saw of his work at the Telfair exhibition, not to mention what a great organization we all enjoy. Congratulations, Jeff Headley
Echoing what Jeff posted, congrats to Steve for the Cartouche award. Your work is spectacular, Steve- keep it up!- Best-Al
I'd like to offer my congratulations as well. Take a look at some of Steve's great work
Echoing Mark's comment, I have often thought Steve's clock posted on the member gallery to among the finest, if not the finest, I have ever seen. Proportion, extreme attention to detail, fine selection of wood, that clock is fine enough to win any award, in my opinion. I must admit to having visited its pages in the gallery many times.
My apologies for coveting your timepiece, Mr. Lash, and congratualtions for an award well deserved.
Steven, congratulations on being selected to receive the Cartouche award.  You are most deserving not only for your abilities to select exquisite pieces from the past and execute them in a highly skilled manner but equally important your leadership and commitment to founding and advancing the SAPFM.