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Good morning to all of you out there.I have a question about clock face engraving.What clock face engraving will reveal the clock makers Protestant Christian Denomination and what Denomination is he? I hope to start a tall case clock sometime this year and have started doing research.I have done some searching on the internet and so far have come up with a blank.Any help here would be appreciated  Thanks Tim

I'm surly not an  expert in clock face engraving but here are a few ideas.  I've never seen an engraved dial that has any religious connotations. I have seen painted dials that have some pictures from the bible:  the creation of man, the four authors of the gospels, etc.  I would suggest looking at the Loomes book on Brass dials.  It has a lot of good pictures as well a detailed explanation of the development of brass dial clocks.  I would also suggest that you contact Goodacre Engraving in England.  They specialize in dial engraving and they have been doing it for a long time.  They may be able to offer some opinions.  Finally, there are two great organizations that deal with clocks; the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (USA)  and the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers (UK).  Both of these groups are a wonderful source of information.

Hope this helps a little.  Do you have your plans for your clock already?

Hi Rob,  Thanks for the great tips.I'll explore the new leads.Right now I am working on a secretary but I plan on starting the clock around the first of the new year.So no I don't have any clock plans yet.Ill probably pick up the inner works this fall sometime and  the face.After that I'll pick out what fits.I have a sort of mentor here and his theory is to do research first then pick your passion.None the less it helps to have good folk like yourself help out.Thanks Tim Thomas
As you may already know, typically, earlier clocks had brass dials and later clocks had painted dials.
Most of the dials shown in Loomes' book are English, since this is the American period furniture makers that might make a difference to you. I can't think of a dial that has any marks to denote the makers religion though there may be some. I am sure there are some with text on them. You may also want to consider a painted dial as they are a bit less expensive, require little maintenance, and are easier to have made here in the US. With a little research I am sure you could design your own dial with a period look to it.
Hi Mike,  Thanks for the imput.Actually I have been watching your web site and plan on buying a painted face and movements that go together(from the same place).I have a mentor of a sorts here who encourages me to do research.He does this knowing that I like to be challenged with a difficult question.He knows where the answer is and what it is but I guess I'm cheating by going online with this.So far my meager library has given up nothing.On line is a wasteland so far ."The Society" so far has been my best bet.If you find anything let me know.If I find anything I will put it up.Again thanks and I'll be contacting you in a couple of months for some of your fine works and face.  Tim Thomas
Hi Mike, 
    Yep it is a research project right now.You might even call it a test.What clock face engraving will reveal the clock makers Protestant Christian Denomination and what Denomination is he?I have been told that everything in the engraving has a meaning.
    When I was in college and we had to do papers we had to do research.I always learned a lot more about things when doing the papers.Mainly just stuff that really didn't apply to the question asked.None the less an in depth short lived education on whatever I was researching.In today's world of television where answers are short and totally inadequate something like this is refreshing(if you have the time).
    What I have learned is that as a rule of thumb engraved dials are pre revolution and painted are post.With the knowledge that there are exceptions.I have learned that there are groups that study just the works and some that just do dials.That the clock world is pretty big and that I had no idea.Still its been interesting and fun.My sort of mentor says that he does the research to keep from" making an abomination which has parts from all over the place none of  which go together".I could go on but I'd be willing to bet you know a lot of this.
    Right now I am in rural north Georgia and have no access to libraries except the local ones who have little to offer on this.I have lost my voice and cannot call anyone about this and last but not least I am computer impared so have no clue other than plugging in a question on google.I've been told that there are libraries that have all their books online but have not learned how to access these sources.Still when I started I didn't even know a question to ask.Getting a bit chatty here so I'll sign off.Thanks for coming back to this.I really appreciate your imput.  Tim Thomas
Tim, there is a clock museum in columbia penna. that may offer you some insight. Sorry to be so vague about the info but other than knowing about the place I have no info on it. Maybe a google will come up with something on it. I think a couple of years ago sapfm made a side trip there as part of the conf. but I missed it.
Thanks Kerry for your imput on this.I had already visited the site but after reading your post I went back and found some hopefully important sources.So thanks for the prod.I'll be listing what I find  Thanks again Tim Thomas
I bet you are a member.But yes its the club.They have a bunch of "Bulletins" in their archive that could possibly shed some light on my question.Unfortunately you do have to be a member to access these articles so right now due to bugetary restraints I will have to wait till later to join.Thats local government speak for I'm too broke right now to join!Have a great weekend you 'all  Tim Thomas