Class schedule-2021 Traditional Woodworking (Cartouche winners teaching)


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Hey folks,
Here's the updated schedule of traditional woodworking and carving classes at the Maine Coast Workshop in beautiful Camden, Maine. 

Maine Coast Workshop School of Woodworking
Camden, Maine
Wm. Francis Brown

2021 Class schedule
June 14-18, 2021      Alexander Grabovetskiy (from FL) – Classical Carving
June 19-21              Marty Leenhouts (from MN) – Chip Carving
July 5 – 8                Frank Strazza (TX) – Marquetry and Inlay
July 12 – 16            Mary May (SC) – Acanthus Carving ‘Deep Dive’
August 9 – 14          Matt Kenney (MA) – Make a Kumiko Tea Cabinet
September 13-18    Ray Journigan (VA) – Make & Carve the iconic John Elliott                                                                        Chippendale Stool
October 3-9            Alf Sharp (TN) – Make a Queen Anne Chair

I also am currently going through the steps in carving a classic Bellamy eagle on my blog at the site:

Upcoming tutorials will include inlaying traditional bellflowers, making a southern cellarette, tea caddy, 18th century keeping chest, and other interesting projects and techniques.

I also post previews and updates on Instagram: