Clark & Williams Planes

The following two planes were purchased from Larry Williams at the 18th Century woodworking conference in 2003. They were inventory that they brought with them to the conference where they discussed the process for making and maintaining wooden planes. Both planes are marked 2002.

a 6 3/4” long, 50 degree bed, 1 5/8” Parallel Side Smoothing Plane, .005 Mouth - Original documentation from Larry Williams - asking $350

A 18” Long, 50 degree bed, 2 1/4” Fore Plane, - Original documentation from Larry Williams, Very good condition has had some use, the tote does have a small chip at the top. Asking - $250

Copy from Old Street Tool (Formerly Clark & Williams) website - “The Old Street Tool fore plane is an 18" long roughing plane with a 2" wide cambered iron. This is the traditional workhorse plane that does the lion's share of stock removal when preparing and thicknessing stock. The fore plane has a comfortable closed tote designed for heavy work and has a 50° bedded iron.”

The next three planes were special orders (as most were) from Clark & Williams following the 18th Century woodworking conference where Mack Headley demonstrated the recreation of octagonal glass doors adapted from a library bookcase. These planes were ordered following the conference to the specifications for what Mack had used.

A 9” long boxed Sash Fillister - Marked 2006, beautiful and very rare, special order, original receipt, asking $1,000

A 10” long, side escapement, molding plane with a 3/8” bead profile - meant to profile mullions for the noted door. Very little use, still has original sharpening. Marked 2005. Asking $450

Plow Plane - This plane is either the first or second plow plane that C&W made. It was ordered at the same time as Colonial Williamsburg ordered theirs. It has 4 Irons, 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”, 5/16”. There has been little use of the plane. Due to not knowing really how to use it nor the time to learn. Most of the irons even have the original hollow grind. Marked 2005. Like New/Excellent Condition, very rare. Asking $1,000

Copy from Old Street Tool (Formerly Clark & Williams) website - “While wooden plow planes evolved into bulky and clumsy presentation pieces whose main advantage was they were less expensive than gold watches, the Old Street Tool plow plane is true to the original functional form. These user friendly planes are at home on the bench and perform with a grace not shared by their bigger distant cousins. These planes have a hand-fitting 7 1/4" skate length and come with eight properly fitting irons. The iron widths are 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2" and 5/8”.”

More Pictures available on request.


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