Chipman Blockfront Chest of Drawers drawings completed.


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I have completed the drawing and associated material for the Chipman Chest that is on display at the Diplomatic Reception Rooms of the State Department. I have contacted Mark Arnold to have them posted on the members only section. They are free, but I suggested to Mark if members would like to make a contribution to SAPFM's student fund. It is not a requirement to get the plans.
The plans and research material are quite extensive and I have over 100 hrs invested. There are 11 pdf files (9.5 meg)
This is not an exact reproduction since I did not have access to the chest.
I want to thank John McAlister for all his material which he lent to me and Craig Bentzley for the article, photographs, and other information which he kindly shared.
I do not know exactly when they will be posted, I am in contact with Mark.

Ed Stuckey
Ed, Thanks for sharing these with all of us. I have always felt the most valuable things that can be given are time and knowledge. Because neither can never be taken back once given. You are a great example of why I am a member of SAPFM.
Thank you for kind words and encouragement. Mark wrote to me and said Margaret will post the files tonight if all goes well.
I have been invited back to the Toledo Museum, so in the spring I will be measuring a Seymour Sideboard Table.
I appreciate all the knowledge and plans you have shared with the membership, Thank you!



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The plans are now available on the members only section. There are 2 files that have not been included.
1. Is a 3D model that you can zoom, rotate, pan, turn the parts off and on, etc.. It is  a visual construction aid. Mark will add it later. In the meantime if you would like that file, please email me and I will send it.
2. Articles on John Chipman were copied from the Magazine Antiques, but because of copy right laws cannot be included without the magazines permission. I have contacted the magazine requesting permission to reprint the article.

One of my drawings was not correct. If you have downloaded the files please let me know and I will send the correct one. I will have Mark correct the files when he comes back from Williamsburg.

Ed Stuckey
Could someone point me to the 'members only' section?  I'm interested in looking at Ed Stuckey's drawings of the Chipman blockfront chest of drawers, but for the life of me, I can not seem to find where they are posted.

Bill Kahl