Charleston Meeting


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Just a special note to say "THANKS" to Dave Powles for organizing the furniture tour this past weekend in Charleston, SC (and Mark Ogalai for organizing the e-mail communication). I can't imagine trying to coordinate the schedule - you did a great job, and it was a wonderful success. I live in Charleston, and am embarrassed to say I have not seen many of these homes or collections. I saw so many pieces of furniture, I dreamt about them all last night - opening drawers, doors...

Also met a great group of SAPFM members and their spouses. It was just an all-around anjoyable weekend.

I'm sure we will do it again one day, and look forward to it. Thanks again Dave!
Donna and I would like to add to Mary's thoughts re: the Charleston spring meeting. Kudos to Dave for an outstanding weekend. Also a special thanks to Mary for the open house at her shop and AnnMarie and Tim for the social at their house. Would tell everyone to attend if it is repeated any time in the near future.

thanks again
Donna and Bob Maus