Chapin dressing table


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I would very much like to make a Chapin style dressing table, and I am wondering if there are good sources for photos and dimensions.  I don't necessarily need a set of plans, but if anyone knows of such a set I would probably be interested.  I am aware of the book Connecticut Valley Furniture, Eliphalet Chapin and his Contemporaries, but I haven't had a chance to look at it.  Does anyone have it, and would it be a useful source?  Probably the most necessary information are the overall dimensions, especially the size of the case relative to the height of the legs.  I think I could scale the rest of a piece appropriately from a photo.  Also of interest would be molding profiles for the top edge.  I've looked through the books I have and don't see many references to Chapin dressing tables, mainly highboys. 

The "Connecticut Valley Furniture" book does show three or four examples of dressing tables from the Chapin shop and it gives the overall dimensions of each table.  There are a few close-up detail pictures as well.