Cellaret Plans

Does anyone have good drawing or plans for a cellaret? I would like to make one about a 2/3 as long as a sideboard (30" or so) Most of the ones I have seen are rather short squat pieces, whereas I would (or should I say the Boss (wife)) like it to be about 35-40" at the table top. Any help would be appreciated.

I'm 99.9% done with a drawing for Olde Mill of Gene Landon's Philadelphia Cellaret.  I should have it to Bess in the next couple weeks - just making some view changes per a request from Gene.  Gene's cellaret is an 18th century piece with major restoration.  The piece is about 33 high x 24 wide x 17 deep. See picture of Gene's.


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The Carlyle Lynch measured drawings are now available directly from his daughter, Janet, on line at www.CarlyleLynch.com.
Thanks to all of you for the suggestions. I actually found a Carlyle Lynch plan in finewoodworking for a small queen anne dresser. I think this will find my need just fine. With the one found I will modify and put doors on the upper cabinet instead of drawers. That should look good.