Carving Reeds?


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Well, specifically, the ends of the reeds.  I have carved some reeds on a couple of pieces using scratch stocks.  This weekend, I was playing around making a reeded shaft for a flag. Ok, it is a pirate flag for my shop - too many pirate movies and tv shows lately!  Anyway, I was using it as a practice excercise.  The reeds terminate against a flat detail.  I hacked away at it, but wasn't happy with the results.  Any tips on completing the ends of reeds that termintate into a surface (like a bead or something similar on a turning)?  Probably dind't help that these were tiny and everything I tried was realy inappropriately large for the task, but I was just playing and working fast.  The other reeds I have done were made long and then cut to size, so the ends didn't matter.  I like reeds a lot and want to get better making them.  My next big project (I'm a weekend warrior) is a jewelry chest on legs (still in design stage) that will have reeds so I want to get some practice in.




Take a look at Fredrick Wilbur's books and you will find examples of the cap on the end of a bundle of reeds.