Carvers Sharpening Apprentice half-day workshop being offered at Olde Mill Cabinet Shop on Saturday, Dec 2nd, 2023


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Carvers Sharpening Apprentice Workshop​

  • A hands-on half-day workshop focused on sharpening your carving tools with the Carvers Sharpening Apprentice (CSA) sharpening system.
  • Workshop limited to five participants


  • Saturday, Dec 2, 2023 10:00am-2:00pm


Olde Mill Cabinet Shop
1660 Camp Betty Washington Rd, York, PA 17402

Fees, Enrollment, CSA Plan Purchase, CSA Basic System purchase​

  • CSA Workshop - $75.00 (collected at start of class, includes Panera lunch/refreshments)
  • CSA Plan and Instructions - $20.00 (a prerequisite to attend the workshop)
    • 57 page plan and instruction document sent electronically as a PDF file prior to the workshop for participant review
    • See CSA Plan ordering instructions below
  • (Optional) to order a Basic CSA System - $200.00
    • Includes CSA Platform, three installed Tormek components, CSA Gauge, pdf copy of the CSA Plans and Instructions
    • See CSA Basic System ordering instructions below

Workshop Objectives​

  • Review requirements and challenges in sharpening carving tools and the process of commissioning a new or damaged tool
  • Introduce the Carvers Sharpening Apprentice (CSA) system
  • Use a CSA system to commission and sharpen a personal carving gouge
  • Address the challenges and approach for sharpening a V-tool
  • Sharpen additional gouges within the allotted time

Participant Requirements​

  • Each participant will be set up at an individual CSA sharpening station for the workshop
  • Review the CSA Plan document for CSA usage instructions prior to class
  • Bring your current carving tools and sharpening supplies for evaluation and use - stones, slipstones, strops, stropping paste
  • Specifically bring one traditional size carving gouge with a #3 - #7 sweep and a 6 - 14mm width for the guided sharpening instruction. Tool shaft should be ~3-1/2” or longer and overall tool length ~7” or more. We will use this during the guided instruction.
  • CSA System Options for the workshop:
    1. Bring your own CSA system if you already own one
    2. Construct a CSA System from CSA plans prior to workshop
    3. Order a basic CSA System ($200) prior to class
    4. Request usage of a class CSA System at no charge

Workshop Agenda​

  • Introductions
  • Place Panera lunch orders
  • Workshop Overview
    • Carving gouge sharpening requirements and challenges
    • Carvers Sharpening Apprentice introduction
  • CSA Sharpening Station setup
  • Guided sharpening of your carving gouge with the CSA system
  • Address the challenges and approach for sharpening a V-tool
CSA Plan Ordering and/or CSA Basic System ordering instructions

CSA description available at:

CSA Plans available for purchase - $20.00

The CSA Plans are being offered and consist of a comprehensive description of the Carver’s Sharpening Apprentice solution, construction instructions, construction templates, labels, usage instructions, and component sourcing information. The plans are sent electronically to your email address as a 57 page printable PDF file once payment has been confirmed.

CSA Basic System available for purchase - $200.00


Accepted payments are via major credit cards. To order/pay:
  1. send an email to [email protected] requesting a CSA Plan copy and/or a CSA Basic System along with your name and phone number. This enables me to copy/paste your email address correctly.
  2. Call Bert Bleckwenn at 301-634-1600 and provide credit card information for the payment.
  3. Upon receipt of payment, the plans are sent via email as an attachment and the CSA Basic System will be delivered as part of the workshop
For questions, issues or feedback, send an email to [email protected]