Carolinas Chapter Fall Meeting



The Carolinas Chapter had a very informative and rewarding meeting this past weekend. Herewith is a short report:

We met Saturday at the home of the Charlotte Woodworkers Club. Bill Sutton made a presentation on dovetailing and fitting drawers, and several members showed and discussed recent projects.

After lunch we reassembled at Leake's Antiques and Woodworking located in the center of custom woodworking in America, York, SC. John Leake made a most informative presentation on how he does professional woodworking and, particularly, how he makes Sideboards and Hunt Boards. He had prepared a poplar sideboard and went through this thought processes and manufacturing procedures for making this type furniture. I'm sure everyone learned half-a-dozen good tips and tricks to take home.

On Sunday, the meeting had two phases. Mary May conducted a hands-on carving workshop for all members who wanted to participate. In addition, John McAlister hosted members to a tour of his home and workshop. If this sounds mundane, believe me, it wasn't. It was humbling! In his 40 years as a self taught woodworker, John has made an amazing collection of furniture. Since he has a large family (two marriages and seven children I think he said), much of his work has been given away. I believe he said he is now working on his fifth grandfather clock, for example. I've posted some pictures of John's furniture on Flickr as well as some pictures from the rest of the meeting.

I had nothing to do with organizing the meeting. I was just a satisfied participant.

Photos of John McAlister's furniture and shop:

Photos of the rest of the meeting:

Info on Leake Antiques and woodworking: and

Some good woodworking info from the York Woodworkers Club:

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