Bryd cutter head on a jointer


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I'm wondering how the byrd shelix head performs on a jointer? In the thickness Planer it will leave small "waves" that one can feel and see if held to light. Dos any one have issues with this type of surface on the jointer? edging, making glue joints? Is it a worth while upgrade on an 8 inch jointer or stay with straight knives?
All insert heads leave slight "waves"(linear), which only show when held up to the light. Rarely can they even be felt. When used on a joiner for glue joints they have no effect on the quality of the glue surface or the integrity of the joint.

Insert heads will cut with less tear out, because of cutter geometry. They are easier to maintain, because it only takes a few minutes to change knives to a sharp edge and generally last longer because carbide will hold an edge longer than HSS.