Brown desk door hinges

John- Thanks for the compliment- it was the best experience of my teaching career, too.
About that top draw lock: you also have to bend the escutcheon to fit the curve. Ask B&B to anneal one for you so it will bend, and make a maple template to bend it over. Next time I'd leave the writing slide out of the piece, it just complicates the construction, and you could lock into the writing surface instead of the blade below.-Al
I have never been able to see any use for that writing slide. It makes sense on a bachelor's chest and  is very nice on a linen press to give you a place to fold clothes, but I don't think I can include it unless someone can show me a bit more usefulness to it. I don't see it making any contribution to the form. Please don't take this as a criticism, mr. townsend, should you happen to view the forum.
Mike- I think the purpose of the writing slide was to have somewhere to put a ledger when retrieving things from the shelves in the top section without having to open the fall front, which would put you two steps further away from the shelves and make it hard to reach high stuff.
I think the slide adds nothing to the piece and those without it have the space it takes up replaced by another inch of draw height- note the space above the top block termination,-Al