Botson Bookcase plans complete


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Mark has posted the plans for the Boston Bookcase that I made. The plans are available by going to the main page and clicking on the plans link.

The model was made using Google Sketchup. A free 3d modeling tool (

If you would like a copy of the model. send me an email and I will email you the sketchup file.

Very nice plans. You've set the bar pretty high.
I am in the process of drawing plans for the chest on chest on chest that was displayed at the Mid Year Conference last summer.  I'm using Sketchup and having trouble creating solid models of the blind dovetailed sides. Have you got any hints. Maybe you could e mail me directly so we don't bore others with my problems.

Alan Chase [email protected]
Maybe you could e mail me directly so we don't bore others with my problems.


I'm interested in learning more about how to use Sketchup so it's ok to discuss it here. Maybe others could learn from or add to the discussion. I just downloaded it, but haven't done the tutorial yet.


Thanks for contributing your drawings to the plans page.
Mark & Alan,

I started using Sketchup, too.  You need to run the tutorial.  I learned 5 times as much on how to run it as I did in 2 hours in playing (and getting frustrated) with it.

I drew up the inlay thickness tool that was demonstrated by Hansen & Wright at the Williamsburg Conference.  In looking at it in 3-D, I decided that it would be easier to build and have a stronger clamping arrangement if I re-designed to have an even depth dado and just cut the base at a 10-degree angle.  I mentioned this because, sometimes you can see things in 3-D that you just cannot see in 2-D.

I think Sketchup is a great tool. If you use the tutorial you will learn alot. Also on FWW web page they have a blog called design click build. That is specifically related to woodworking drawings using sketchup. I have found that helpful as well.

I Have a little tutorial on how I make dove tails in sketchup. I never really worry about getting them to exact since I hand cut them. I will email it to you offline. I have a yahoo email address so if you don't see it check your spam filter. And feel free to email me any questions, but I am far from an expert.

There is a great tool that scales things. So if you have a piece with graduated drawers. You can just draw one and copy it scale it and you have the next and so on.

I also have a component that is a drawer without ant edge detail. more of a square box. I can just import the drawer in and modify it for the drawing a huge time saver.

Just a side note mark said he will post the sketchup file for the bookcase. so everyone will be able to download and modify it.