Boston Bookcase


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I finally finished the model. I can email anyone a sketchup model if they would like it. I am currently working on making the measured drawing, attached is a picture of the model.



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Kent A. Ryan

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I'd say that was a very nice job and great translation from the photo in ...Antiques..  Looks like it will be a fine piece when completed!

I would be interested in your measured drawing and any plans if you are willing to share.

Kent Ryan


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Kent thanks. I am working on getting the views so that all the details show up. I got a majority of the information from the picture, but I did call the Bradley shop that sold it. there were a few things in the picture I couldn't quite figure out.

One thing I couldn't figure out was how the doors were made since they looked like overlay but the hinges suggested inset, (hope those are the correct terms), turns out they are a combination of both, they are inset along the hinge side and overlay along the other edges. I have never seen this construction, but must admit I have not had the exposure to period furniture that I would like (but really who has).