Book on California Mission furniture?


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Being based on the west coast, I often envy the furniture resources of the east coast.

Casting about, I can't find a good book on actual California Mission furniture.
There's still lots of original material left to document.

Have I missed the book, or does one need to be written?

I am sure you are acquainted with the little, lone article on the subject that was written in 1922 and is posted on the internet.  If there is to be a book on the subject, you will have to be its author.  To quote Charles Dickens on the Shakers.... "Grim."  PSP
That's all I've found as well.

Since my profession lies elsewhere (software development), I'll be happy if the work is just great; I already earn a living wage.

I'll be working with a friend who has written the go-to book in his field, so at least one of us knows how to do quality work.