Bombe Chest Plans-update on donations to the Toledo Museum


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This is an update as to the number of members who have requested plans for the Bombe chest and made donations. So far 30 members have requested  plans and 16 members have donated, for a total of $320 to the museum. Ckecks are still coming in, the process takes time.
I would like to thank all the members for their donations to the museum, they truly appreciate the gift.
I will be going to the museum on Friday to meet with the staff to donate a set of plans of the Bombe Chest. I will also talk to them about measuring other pieces in the future.

Thanks again for your efforts in making this project accessible to so many SAPFM members. I'm sure your work is equally appreciated by the museum.
Ed,I eco  Allan's last comment,If this openes  door's that are usualy shut? wonderful stuff.
I cannot order from you (at present),but my studio insurance is about to pay out? (20 months after the fire) possibly? could be in the money soon.
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I do not mean in any way to take away from Eds plans, but this is to remind members that a fairly detailed article on how to construct a different bombe chest appears in one article in "Making Period Furniture" by Fine Woodworking, dated 1985.

In particular, the article shows how to construct a strongback upon which to carve the shape to the assembled front elements. as one unit.

Those with more experienced may have known how to do this, but it was very instructive for me.

I am well aware of the article and listed it as a reference in a READ ME file sent out with the plans. I used some of the information in his drawings (construction details) in my plans.
Fine Woodworking No. 45, Pages 52-56. Article by Lance Patterson.

Ed Stuckey

I apologize if my suggestion seemed critical.

As I did not order the plans, I had no way of knowing about your footnotes, and I was simply trying to assist others.

I appreciate the information you provided the members. It is an excellent article for  members building any bombe chest. I did not think you were being critical. I should have worded the response differently.
When I make plans, I try to provide auxillary information about the piece; articles about construction details, where to get hardware that matches the original, etc. This is provided in a READ ME file. Members who receive the plans often respond with information that I am unaware of. It is an excellent sharing and learning process.