Blade angle on Norris A5


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I finally broke down and sprung for a Norris A5 smoother, a plane that I have always admired and coveted. Found a gem on ebay, great condition, original and reasonable price. No surprises when it arrived, but of course the blade needs some work. When I measured the current blade angle I found it to be around 40 degrees. Now, just about every plane blade and chisel in my shop is ground at 25 Deg. and  I can only imagine what kind of gnarly stuff someone was working with that would require 40 Deg. But before I started grinding away I thought I would inquire here to see if anyone could tell me what would have been the blade angle of an A5 right out of the box?

Thanks, Chuck   
The grinding angle would likely have been around 25 degrees, with the expectation of the user honing at 30* or so.