Bed Post carving pattern or plan


Hey fellow SAPFM members I am wondering if anybody has plans/patterns for a bed, probably Federal style with a little Chippendale mixed in.  Something similar to Allan Breeds bedpost from FWW #172 but with acanthus leaves instead of corn leaves.  With the little time I have to make furniture I would rather pay for plans/patterns than try and scale/draw from photos.  I considered the Chippendale bed that Phil Lowe sells; but, my wife and I prefer later beds with carving on the posts.  Heading into a Wisconsin winter looks like a good time to try and make a few matching bedposts.  Thanks, Carl.
Check out the Samuel Humprey book on Thomas Elfe. There are a few beds in there with some details of the carvings.
I may have that book, I'll check it out tonight.  Anybody else that may have patterns or plans of the bed post?  Thanks, Carl.
I looked at the Elfe book which helped; but, I really need larger drawings to help figure out the carving.

Dennis, Thanks for the source.  I do have the 3rd volume and it has a couple post drawings that are in the right style; but, only 2 are large enough that I could make a pattern from and they aren't the preferred style.

My scaling and drawing skills are pretty poor. Does Vol. 1 or 2 have more of the 1/2 page detail drawings of the various posts?

Thanks, Carl.
Hi Carl, why not invest in a reprint of: Thomas Chippendale, The Director, littly $.
You could pick from many grand beds.

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